gen and nitrogen, with the addition of the minerals found in

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our means for the treatment of this truly terrific disease, in which

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by the fact that severe spasms of the muscles always attend

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A Professor of Chemistry, in extolling the virtues of a

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ful and beautiful experimentation of Bernard, and the rough,

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head of the bone can be placed, by varying the motions of the

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may be an old soldier who remembers that in the army days

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patient affected with swelling of the tibia, and deprived of sleep,

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that the negro was very black, and the pigmentary deposit must

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tion is set up, locally, around these deposits. Softening takes

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nothing to say, as the trial was postponed till next March. Should

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through which their influence should be felt in the proper places.

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canal at a point so near its origin as to cause its obliteration.

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diseased blood, and this disease of the blood mass is one affect-

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urgent, and, if we could remove those characteristic symptoms

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On the 18th of June, 1851, a large female rattlesnake, which had

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men thus cut loose from their ancient fastenings, sought new affinities,

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inner side of the ascending ramus of the lower jaw, through which the piece

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for here" But after all, something more is necessary. The

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temperature nearly natural. Discontinued the brandy and di-

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the phenomena of the ganglionic nerve are discussed, and

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regarded by Dr. See as rheumatic. This kind of arthralgia is re-

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exposure to oxygen, as proved by Drs. Rogers' and Davy's

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normal endothelium. No adhesions; no exudate; nothing ab-

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ing to see such evidences of professional industry and ability, as are

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Period of Lactation. {The Clinical Recorder, July, 1897.)

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for six months, and there had been three attacks of intestinal

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honorary member of half the learned societies of the Old

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they assume, become exceedingly intractable, and generally result

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a transparent mucilage. One part of Glycerine to three of

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served, a dense leucoma remains, or, from the thinning

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co-extensive with the length and breadth of the muscular

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protest against the admission of delegates from the Oglethorpe Medi-

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mur. The same phenomena are produced by pus or by central exostosis of

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Thus considered, we will not question but that arrangement, which

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consequent diminished vascular action and "congestion," and

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the region of the left subclavian, where it suddenly diminished to