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neous diseases. In dyspepsia, accompanied with a weak,

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the report of individual cases, with but little consid-

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sometimes attain a prodigious size in even a few weeks. Scirrhus is also al-

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the pain in the stomach became more acute. Every four or five days,

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sistent efforts now than at that time to suppress the

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desire as this, he of course would be naturally op-

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large and strong, fifty-five years old, never ill. Has had five children,

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Bome years from dyspnoea, which was regarded as asthma-

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and if not thoroughly disintegrated hand pestling with a

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generally is that the suffering animal has either the horn-ail or

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experiment. In more than ten instances he applied cords of all kinds to the

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Jaudon. Union mid. du nord-est, Reims, 1896, xx. p. 133. — 8. Colleville. 6az.

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cough by which she became affected during her pregnancy continued;

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was a question as to who conveyed that blood to the

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death in most cases of electrocution. Curiously enough, however, it has

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had been made in the small intestines by the bullet. The fact of

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is in some cases affected. According to others, the mons veneris,

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up and expectorated material. The susceptibility for the infec-

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of this compress is a piece of gauze bandage three inches wide by

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The demand from physicians for a substitute for mother's milk in place

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cases in the families about camp. The total of cases this quarter was

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with a clean bed; keep him dry and comfortable; let

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edge of the facts, and partly from information famished me

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vomiting which can be effected by drinking luke-warm

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ber, London the second week of December, Boston and New York the 17th

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trosities, and shew that even here, in this aj (parent confusion,

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In this, as in the preceding experiments, on electrical endosmose, iden-

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is supplied by a certain and well known part of the nerve known as thepapillo-

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to beat in a faint from exce.ssive loss, or when the amount of

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