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I wish especially to call attention to some of the things in
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Treatment. — Excision or extirpation of these sores with the knife,
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6. There was no evidence to show that the thyroid gland diminishes
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not like that considered above, which consists in tihe
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quantity and quality. The first experiments were per-
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guage correctly, and to cultivate in him a taste for the best
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with the president, Mr. Eben S. Draper, and the secre-
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mise, puisque, comme je le rappellerai dans un instant, les theories
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shot. The figures are confined to wounds by projectiles, all other
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generated, but if it is greater or less than the osmotic pressure of the
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future. In their search after the microbes, pathologists have
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cases of diphtheria without accident. The concentration of the anti-
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There is no qaestion in connection with phthisis of more practical interest
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produced by the simultaneous presence of pyogenic bacteria
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division of the resisting soft structures and amputation. The latter is
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give here through the courtesy of Mr. J. L. Milton, more relief
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Akt. XVI.— -A Case of Syphilitic Phthisis,^ By Stephen M.
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we are governed, should be perpetuated, cannot be questioned by
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sinus. The difference in the situation of the frontal and ethmoidal
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and its dependence on the deposit of black pigment in and
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The surgeons I mentioned above are no mere operators, and
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the posterior glottis, the border of the upper laryngeal aperture
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stone, throw this froth on it, and rub it with a soft
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opponents to the nierit.s of the Contagious Diseasee Acts
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acid media, it is wise to give antacids to maintain alkalinity, and
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1861 a.— Un cas de filaire de Medine. [Abstract of 1860 a] <Gaz. med. de Par.,
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the axis of the pencil towards that margin of the pupil which is on the side of the