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could be attributed to the edema per se, unless it be an occasional
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A piece of the nerve one-fourth of an inch in length
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when there is a greatest amount, and that after this time there is a
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is driven in the casket, awaiting some other victim of the
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of the central portion of the State, and a physician there told me of an
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urethra, it may be caused by the rude introduction of instruments,
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munication is published in full in the Bulletin of that date, but is too long for
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diagnosis from the symptoms of microcephalus. The sutures were
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of Commons. It will suffice now to say that much labour bus
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the book. — Edinburgh Medical Journal, Feb. 1884.
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at page 257, but the amount of fees received for this distinc-
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M'Lean, 20. Head of, to be known as Physician and Superintend-
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neglect of the most elementary rules of hygiene. Not-
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infufions in water, yields to alcohol a bitter matter, without
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and water, the same amount of energy would be derived from one-
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no fat. It is a fact that most frequently in renal dropsy the
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ence in the color of its different parts is found to be almost exclusively due
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the disease in loco, but not generally. ^lelchior and Ottmann succeeded
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as a child might tell of his inner and outer life. But, we confess, we
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element in the clinical picture of the disease ; they consist of a
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' Kead before the Obatetrical Society of Boston, March 11, 1893.
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Attendance, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from 9 till 10 a.m.
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desired to be removed, and by a rapid finger pressure will be
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mirror he had kept and showed to the audience.) Within
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her nervous system was concerned, as sleepless as ever,
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tissues are developed, and the strength of the body maintained, since both
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He shoved me then into a box, and slammed the door, and to
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(Text-fig. 3). Prolonged depletion — for 20 minutes or more — had a
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the destroying angel away, they have had their most sanguine
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Townsend, Ottawa, withdrawn ; Professor Gustin, Orangeville, skipped
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discharged cured in ten days. It is found always to check the
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primary or idiopathic athetosis, sometimes called double
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nerves which has the direct control over the functions, the sum of which
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ughs away and is evacuated, the entering and receiving portion at the
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at the time, or his idiosyncrasies, the result is a violent irritation of the
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humour is proper to each tissue; and some tissues admit, in a na-
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this begins it goes on with rapidity, and the abdomen soon becomes con-
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is more delicate as a whole than the younger embryo, the tail is blunter
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a series of patients with inflammatory bowel disease
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