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activity, preferring to be “swept off their feet in the heat of;
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must be that the end is not the beginning" ; and that the
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and the local pain and chest oppression severe, the removal of a half pint of
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The seventh annual meeting was held at the Genesee Valley Club,
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passed through the uterus. There is no improvement in the eye,
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projectiles of the besiegers. Hence the use of buildings as thickly
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Medicine. Clinical Affiliate, New York Hospital. B.A.
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Malaria in India as elsewhere is most active near the surface of the
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well marked that once seen they are never forgotten, a
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deplete the treasury of the unwary medic. Perhaps Dame
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was ulcerated and largely opened ; by this gaping wound tlM Mood had issoed. The power-
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Surgeon Jacob R. Ludlow, U.S. v.. Is relieved from dutr in the Depart-
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depend upon the aspect of the projectile which is presented
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operation, and we might say she died from shock. There was no post-
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to examine the accounts of the Treasurer, as set forth in his report, beg
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a fever, if usoa freely, and a hot stone put to the feet,
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before Prof. Dwight, otherwise I cannot help think-
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talent and ambition had been cut off in the vigor of his mentality,
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5. If reduction be rendered impossible by adhesions, g^grenot phlegmonous
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As early as the month of March, in the year 1835, the
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Examination per vaginam except in obstetric cases 2.00 to 5.00
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being employed so as to cause a certain amount of distension of the
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general, and two assistant surgeons-general, who shall have
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The Wall Street News (New York) : "The book is calculated to
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case is confined to a single spot, Vv'hilst in the other the whole
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drug similar to zofran
and J, W. HuLKE, F.R.S. Third edition ; in three volumes,
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established practice at a minimal cost. Well equipped
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There are also man)^ men in the Surgical clinic Monday who come
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King's College Hospital in London two years ago, I was
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sheet or a Kelly pad or surgical cushion may be used. On a small
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Legislature, we feel quite sure, that our prayer will be regarded. [Ed.