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pus was evacuated, and the cavity was treated by injecting an ounce and
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P. gracile Dies.) <Ann. mns. civ. di storia nat. di Genova (1889-90), v. 29,
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coincide with the "a" waves, giving therefore a more pronounced wave.
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ing healthy lung tissue ; and if there be much emphysema,
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the remaining four, added to complete the hundred, were investigated
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Melancholy seriously disturbs the circulation of the nervo-electric
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place of boric acid, but still used powdered phenolphthalein as the
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mouth, and force the air into their ears by blowing as hard as
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Sir : Dr. Sims's case of death from cocaine, in The
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Second, The advancement of the character and honor of the
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Board of Trustees made Mr. Fairfield superintendent of
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hour for adjournment has arrived. My object was to present the salient
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If, on the Other hand, we were to remove one kind of molecule or ion
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from feeding upon cultures than in those inoculated intravenously.
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start ; even in the earliest stages the ardor urinae is markedly diminished,
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individuals for research and service in pathology and related fields. Research programs use
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or three times a week. Affected animals should not be
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dyspeptic or uterine symptoms, but entirely indepen-
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Cancer Center. Attending Surgeon, New York Hospital.
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and motility, absence of any sign of irritation in the paralyzed area,
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to pathological actions in distant parts. , With regard to the lungs, an ab-
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the operation. This procedure is also indicated in cases of
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pyelitis and pyelonephritis than to true renal abscess. To Rayer
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but this is now known to be incorrect, and animals are
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including |aundice and cases of fatal hepatitis, have been reported with ibuprofen as with other
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ventive armamentarium, and it is a mistake that the
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point of rupture in certain cases) and an actively con-
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occur during either of the other stages ; at any rate complete remissions
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were struck off all other duties ; in fact, the only thing
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the gland-structure, and dividing only the most superficial of the lob-
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likely to do bad injury, and wounds made by them will re-
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small doses of ipecacuanha, will often prove sufficient to relieve and shorten
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