horn-ail, in ninety-nine cases out of one hundred, exists only in
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front teeth, attendant in young animals on shedding of the
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bromide of ammonia, or potassa, or macrotin, or stramonium.
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a tumour existed. In fact, it was necessary to take the pyloric end
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Scybala in the intestines will give rise to this complaint.
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made over again? This is as true in medical science
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gangrene of the foot the same mechanism of production is present.
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ration of Independence) should not pass unchallenged.
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who had very kindly permitted the exhibitor to see him frequently and
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shortly after the injury, with the exception of Brude-
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pendicitis, upon the free use of sweet oil during the entire
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and was brought on by fright. The spasms were very general, and
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thermometer stands at 70°, 80°, or higher, to another where
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I am unwilling to leave this subject. Gentlemen, without saying a
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at the lateral and external aspect. This layer was about Vs cm. at its widest
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disabling effects, than the lighter Enfield bullets, the difference
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tainly should be looked upon as a suspicious circum-
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in Rickwood's case, the condition of the injured parts probably resembled
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pation, showed a pulmonary condition which dated back three and one-half
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evening and five in the morning. ^ Beggars and others who were excluded from
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and felt cold to the touch ; there was some wheezing in the trachea, very
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Aberdeen — R-iyal Infirmary. Fee, £6 ; Sick Children's Hospital.
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caping fluid into a jar beside the bed. A long, flexible rubber
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places, caused by sloughing, were granulated even with the sound
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clature," and afterwards still further confirmed this opinion. If,