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begin to understand the patient in relation to family, job and environment. Furthermore, the

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he states the following : — " The Strejito-diplococcus rheu-

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as much as a year before the other side is affected. The disease may

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In the case of undisturbed impaction in adults, the treatment is

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of life is nevertheless faulty, our efforts will prove of little real benefit. We

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The meeting being organized, and ready for the trans-

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intact. Flexion was easy. Extension could not be made beyond

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well. She has not needed a doctor for the last eighteen months, she-

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Wimpole Street, Devonshire Street, and Beaumont Street, are built

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to 3200, 480 and 600, to 3600, etc.), and the calomel

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We have observed, in many instances, that a patient with a dis-

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1861 a.— Un cas de filaire de Medine. [Abstract of 1860 a] <Gaz. med. de Par.,

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Dr. Foot referred Dr. MacSwiney to the articles in Wagner's " Manual

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in the south of England nearly one-fourth of the insane in the

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jority of instances. Practically all of them had been

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cases of saturnine poisoning observed in my own practice was that

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2500 West Sixth Street, Los Angeles, California 90057

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be supported at its normal length and height, we may introduce a

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Is indicated in the treatment of angina pectoris due to coronary

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secretion or the retention of the liquids that it contains ;

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Concentrated Tincture of Digitalis (1 to 4), prepared by Burroughs,

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The wound was dressed after Lister's method, and the operation

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partly explain the pruritus. The bluish tinge. Finch Xoyes thinks, may

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measure by concomitant bronchitis, with swelling of the mucous

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and superficial ulceration ; and in the subcutaneous cellular tissue, when it

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subject to the contractile force of the involved muscles

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under dysentery for two weeks previously ; was now extremely emaciated, much annoyed

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marked and persistent symptom, but also to that class of cases, the explana-