types of the same disease. These varieties, of course, have so much indi-

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2. ' Methods of Procurement. There are three methods of procur^nt; street buying, fis'd

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unpleasant symptoms than the bromid salts. Bromglidin is a combination

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existing physical condition, which, by the attendant suffering, as of habitual

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ginning of the disease with general malaise corresponds perfectly to the

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as in other forms, chiefly the shoulder muscles, the muscles of the upper arms,

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increased amount of food without injury. In dealing with cases of obesity

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March or ApriL The fee is 10s. to non-matriculated students, but the

concomitant administration of olanzapine and lorazepam

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Chairman of the Department. A dissertation must be presented containing the results

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geography. Latin — (October, 1882 ; March, 1883) — ^Livy, book v. ; an

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sistence of the axis cylinders in the sclerotic nodules mentioned above explains

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the Diseases of Women," Professor Simpson's "Contributions to

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as a secondary descending degeneration; or does the process begin in the

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cerebral disease are determined to a greater extent by the locality than by the

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for the emaciated one. Furthermore, the variety and degree of metabolic dis-

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In addition to true senile dementia, senile patients may, of course, be

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3. Ptomatropinism : From putrescent meat or meat from animals with sup-

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The muscles preserve in general their normal state of nutrition, except as

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beyond the vertical position. If the leg be now flexed at the knee, the thigh

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the class, by the Professor of Clinical Medicine, and other teachers of

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of respiratory disturbances and bulbar symptoms. Manifest signs of a be-

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Poliomyelitic foci in the dorsal segment of the spinal cord often produce

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didates must write an essay on some sanitary subject, and will be

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examination for the License : A Fcmsh scholarship of B»s. 20 monthly,

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treatment. We should also carry out a causal treatment in the neuralgias

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account of the far greater extent of the anatomical changes. In the first place

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among the insane in asylums in Alabama, Arkansas, Dublin, and elsewhere.

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— K.] The toxic origin of peripheral-nerve degeneration is most clearly

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