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bread, and in addition some potato. Till 12 months old she was kept
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seconds [INR 6.5*]). A D-dimer test result, however, not
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tom became a marked feature of the case. The liver was in-
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a frequent change of position, the cramps in the legs, the attacks
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renewal of exaggerated cerebro-spinal irritability. Hence it is that we see, in
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titration method, with a double iodide of mercury and
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their axones are in some cases seen to enter the fasciculus longi-
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practicable, and the defect in the uterine wall closed by buried
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: .• us, Male and f^?i:^ie created he tbcjv:-, and called theirname
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in laryngeal than in tracheal phthisis, and that that circumstance furnishes one
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the diameters; and for statistical investigations, it is felt that the
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Colour washing stables is preferable to white washing, a
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(c) In the pharyngeal form the exudate is usually first seen on the
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t " Wliea the top of the womb is thrust over backward, the womb does not
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Concentrated Tincture of Digitalis (1 to 4), prepared by Burroughs,
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employed it in circumcisions, in operation for harelip, in removal
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he had much pain in his head, but a constant feeling of ten-
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and forwards, and after a few pulls the original good hold is
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The patient, a boy, aged 12 years, has generalised ichthyosis of the
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certain number of pathologic controls have likewise been obtained.
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if the patient stayed well, for patients with that dis-
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fistulous opening, hoping that the matter might be expectorated
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mal r amains constantly down, unable to rise. A depraved
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soon became fever : and the restored color of the cheek became
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was no apparent want of continuity on the exterior, the septum
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lamp or Bunsen burner, apply the lymph and prick it with the
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Lockwood, Freehold, New Jersey, not later than April 30, 1887.
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conclusion the most careful asepsis, both during operation and in the
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the veins, which are divided quite through in the act of with-
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witnessed the sight in its completeness — once on a
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diagnosis of a questionable tubercular lesion. If we