Christopher F , aged twenty-eight, warder in the House of Correction at
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ed, these conditions giving rise to corresponding, more or less
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metallurgy, mechanic?, engineering, architecture, agricul-
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the officers are quoted for the whole of the war ; of the rank and file,
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necessity of keeping our lying-in jiatients in the horizontal po-
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tion to the first, has been given the name of posterior mediastinum.
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or persistent digestive disorders have brought on a general
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there does not seem any proof of the correctness of the popular idea that
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It is a paradoxial and rather wonderful fact that of all professions and
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cidal action are observed. It is thus possible, with the aid of young,
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individuals are permitted to survive to middle life and older
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and retired to his country place to pass his last days.
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to do in modifying the course of the disease and in hastening
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brought up as to live to the age of eighty, this may
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the poultice ; carboUc acid or chloral wiU be equally in
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and at the same time how foolishly the same individual may discuss
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Myers and Bailey. 8 Urinary sugar: qualitative, Benedict; 9 quantitative,
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The leucocytes are usually normal or decreased in number,
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very much in elilferent iiidivieluals, and in the same
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Ruspini's bullet extractor.— In 1813 Mr. Ruspini published
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to his own request and in accordance with the consent of his
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gical measures, on the part of the physician, exclude
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cattle, sheep, or swine," and by striking out, in tho seventh line, the word ** cattle **
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morrow this amendment to the By-Laws will come up for ac-
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doing more than tapping, inasmuch as she was in good health, and not
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state of the General Health. — Therapeutic Opportunity. — General and
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gravity, vary in a marked degree not only in different cases of diphtheria,
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invention for the convenience and cleanliness of ladies. It gives
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city,” evidenced by the three days of riots starting April 30,