ali^^e, until worn out with the pain, death comes as a
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effect on the result of the dilating operations for stone remains to be
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remainder of his potion. Not content with this, he washed the coins in more
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that feeding swine-plague cultures is not followed by any damage to the
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I lo>t no time m representing to his family the formidable
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tion does not seem to destroy the virulence of the blood, nor have
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55 per cent, of those affected. No disease showing these features, and at the
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ing carried the point into the centre of the pupil, 1 then raise the handle of the
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by the English judges has not commended itself to medical men. As a
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imperatively demanded; but so supply food and gentle stimulation
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or hyoscyamus in doses of five grains of the extract. Indian hemp, or the
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tury ago, I fear, in some of them. They were a relic
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the median line and, after about four or five inches have disappeared
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muscle similar to that in the musclar coat of the intestine, and
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vent puerperal fever. —St. Louis Courier of Medicine.
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Armstrong, Donald. Professor of Medicine. Attending
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and slight, others short and broad ; in all cases, however, there must
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rounds to see how the secretaries were getting along.
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The Proper Attitude of Therapeutics. By Charles G. Stockton,
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The latent, incipient, and early cases of neurosyphilis seem to be
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prepared to hear you say it is old age," or, " If you tell me it is just
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sweating, which was set up by the stimulation of acids. Both those facts
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2. Anhydrous sulphate of alumina, 1 part, chloride of
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other farmers, or in studying plans which are accessible in
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building in the world from the standpoint of the use of
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war. Dr. B. Howard, Assistant Surgeon, U. S. A., recommended
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treatment of these cases were misunderstood. Now, however,
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32. Kelsch et Antony: LaGrippe dans l'armee Franchise en 1889-1890.
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were similar to his first attack of measles, though of
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began. For this also a special training was needfnl*
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was developing. There was diarrhea and vomiting. He
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S. H. Casey, Oneonta ; W. B. Southern, Mich. ; Philander
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to a small volume, under diminished pressure, when the acid crystal-