Wheatland andDouglas,and that in the vicinity of Sheridan.
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old dumping ground in Halifax, known as the Central Common —
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rying; this is additional evidence that they are strictly comparable.
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an unequalled description of an attack of the gout, apologising
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as he was about enteriuG^ his wards. A school is connected
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5. W. Shimonek, M.D., Saint Paul, Minnesota. . . .1110
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purposes. As the C0 2 -combining power of the blood decreases, there
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contained in a suitable vessel, has its solid constituents dissolved out,
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were long, running from four to six weeks, and occasionally
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forty-eight years, beloved by his patients, trusted by his friends,
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I A 51 -year-old married, Caucasian female was admitted to
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