flicted with a contracted and sore state of the anus from haemor-

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to its consistency. In the pyloric end it is semifluid and homogeneous

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everything. There was three years difference in age

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partially attributable to risk factors that are not ascertained at

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a lady, had been confined to bed for several weeks on account of the

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been administered, I was agreeably surprised to find his condition im-

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two months. In the stallion an edematous condition of the ex-

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disorder of the stomach and liver. Its duration was from

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A horse that ' forges ' cannot get the fore legs away quick

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his own efforts become a part of a great educational institution

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inhaler, but gas jets four or more feet from the patient's head are

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course of antimicrobial therapy. At a follow-up visit a month

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very good. About five years since he had a hernia in the left in-

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Cleanliness of the patient's alimentary canal'w, aimed

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that the same constitutional poison which produces diphtheria and

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requesting submissions from authors known to be on op-

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duct and principal blood vessels were not yet severed, the plasma sugar was 0.236

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of an intermittent character, and if this opinion should

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RRGLP^ and Bkcxax Johx Goiiub» M.&, F.RCS. London:

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evidences of pancreatic disease, this finding is of Hmited value as an

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of ahdotaen — Aj) plication of Kieherlen Serre-n(£iul — Recovery.

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but inadequate title for all those mental effects of war experience, which

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In the intervals of the attacks of trismatic tetanus, she was not

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a specimen in the Royal College of Surgeons, London.

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With reference to hemorrhage, with ulceration of the rectum,

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The shelf along the west wall of the room holds the electric sterilizer

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Mr. T. M. Dolan, F.R.C.S., of Halifax, England, for an essay

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work, investigations relating to agricultural schools, farmers' institutes

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them ; and I may refer again to more than one patient who supposed his

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aversion to it. He lays very great stress on the noise made by

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cluded by Czerny from operation. The selection of cases