in it. It must be confessed by every body, who has had

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sacrum, with possibly a slight grinding of the articular

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may only be secondary manifestations, resulting from

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out of health at the time of your conception, birth, or infancy ; and if

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Pressure on the sympathetic nerves of the abdomen and thorax

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method, carefully carried out under his supervision, speak

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great service. The whole is well and neatly bound ; and

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Fallopian tubes and Uterus. — Amenorrhcea from Chlorosis and

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tive physical symptoms, but who mentally and physically are

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Gastrointestinal symptoms occur in about 2,5 percent of

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Podophvllin is the officinal name given to the root of the Podophyllum pel-

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weakened her more than I had anticipated ; however, she soon

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results obtained from its use, where I liave elsewhere

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the bimanual examination. The vaginal examination should always be made

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flesh should partake but sparingly, if at all, of mutton and beef

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environment. Naturally, the school-life of nervous children occupies

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favors growth of bacteria; in larger amounts (proportion of 6 m 10)

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pleasurably expended itself in the active deeds of war

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satisfied with its effect. We have in no disease observed less cerebral symp-

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The large number of cases of nephritis from carbolic acid which have now

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give it a dark color to suit the foot, lamp-black may

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• That is, struma, scrofula or king's evil, from x^'P^C*

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hare been allowed to pr^ress '-*> this stage, death is

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Dislocations of the ribs. — Separation of the head of a rib from its

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part of the little patient ruptured the membrana. A bloody discharge from

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domestic animals, as from pet cats and dogs, is also to be

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often falls much beloAv the normal rate — even as low as thirty beats in

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the urinary water ; but they may also become mixed with urine

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opening may be small, they often penetrate so deeply as to seriously

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department ; the combat equipment ; the camp infirmary equipment ;

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cussion, it was ascertained that the-entire liver dul-

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to state definitely what constitutes a dangerous dose of quinine.

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by the following experiment, which is one of a series with similar