Instruction in this school is given throughout the aca-
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material and balance of allotment remaining. Approved plans or
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is concerned. This was due to several causes, amongst the chief
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the operation. Pain in the back may be remedied by turning the patient on
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found that individuals ranging in weight from 130 to 150 pounds frequently
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real difficulty that is likely to arise in the diagnosis of beriberi from other
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wards are open since the point of view of the patient and the appli-
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to the cold well-water then used; but now they all drink the
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dog becomes morose and suspicious, snappish and irritable. The
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that arising spontaneously. The diagnosis is strengthened by the
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the poor creatures ; and last year, during the month of September, when
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them are incurable. Another method of testing an animal for
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Physical findings. — The ph5'sical signs were^ those of fluid in the
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is the failures themselves. They are just what would
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or debility, requiring, if such change in the place of
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It is easy to find fault, if one has that disposition.
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forms in the new religion. The people required sub-
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Surena Fazeli-Matin. B.S. 1990. Old Dominion University
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Electricity. Stunning and burning from electric wires, 200; the
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Officer White for the city of Louisville during the month of July,
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remarkably good results, and have also seen knee-joints opened
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acne, but had found none of great value. If evulsion can be provoked without
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from Japan indicate that the intravenous injection of 60 c.c. of
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tions" from vegetable matters, of a more or less indefinite form of chemical compo-
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malignant, supposed to be incurable, or if healed up liable to ulcerate
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fever, and that, consequently, while the cow is suscep-
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These laws for the promotion of health were inseparably con-
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respect from many cases of the kind except that the products of the
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amounts caused complaint in thirty-four per cent of the Mayo
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Furet* had no failures in eight cases. In summarising these
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uterus, extending from the fundus to the fold of peri-