termed, dorso-anterior, left cephalo-iliac, or left scapulo-anterior, etc.

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risy, pericarditis, peritonitis, arthritis, etc., need only be mentioned.

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mentioned. Among these is that form of mobile spasm, also named athe-

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matters not how wide the range of his reading— j cal essays, and is a useful occupant of the physi-

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parts of Wisconsin are said to have superior climate for lung diseases.

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scalpel, depends, apart from the number and type of organisms

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as is also the general condition and feelings of the patient.

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and floats on the surface, and may then be formed into

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A calorimeter and the animal body are not identical.

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visitors usually remain but a few minutes; but when

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lie had previously made use to the best advantage of the clinical oppor-

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with a piece of glass ; soft corns require treatment by a medical officer.

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floating kidney, D wight, T., 318; surgical anatomy of the oesopha-

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Hoveden (Rolls Series), ed. Stubbs, vol. iv, p. 433.

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a peculiar sound called gurgling, caused by the bubbling of air

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treatment require a lengthy time. Xone of them can be carried

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Pathological. H. K. Lewis, London, 1891. to Practical Medicine. Cornish Brothers,

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luted alcohol 1 quart. Let macerate a few weeks, shaking

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with such violent succussion, as to ruj)ture the abdominal

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who have had experience as prison guards and as attendants in

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been strictly observed to find our patient feverish,

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If the opinion which is at present gaining ground, that it may

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thought, was due to the efficient assistant surgeons of

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immediately from them, especially about the head; any

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to pass on their contents into the constricted portions below. Spasm

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There is very little tendency to recurrence of the deformity if it is

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regard, while his life career chaUenged our admira-

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