Physician, and a Resident Surgeon. This plan would eflfect a con-

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certain rigidity of all the muscles of the lower ex-

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digested. This causes the body to lose its heat ; then

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slough, which on section showed as a yellowish necrotic mass about 2 mm. in

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consent to such an operation ; indeed, that her "mental condition

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properties, by means of which the energy of the system is recruited.

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bit, for all purposes. He attaches a leading strap to the nose-

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may often be arrested by incising crucially with a sharp

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sick from the well, and ship the latter to market; disin-

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that table clothing and utensils used for patients suffering from

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Mackie, J., Ethyl Chloride as a General Anesthetic in Nasal Surgery, Brit.

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calomel — as Napoleon observed, in derision, when on the island

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and the total proteins were markedly lowered. Both cases showed

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have experimented on that line myself, and I find that

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the patient had only been saved by a vigorous use of supporting

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you can read some interesting book describing travels by Livingstone,

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His loss is one of no ordinary character ; pure minded, gentle, considerate,

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and spleen, although they were not marked. Her fever lasted until she

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or three hours as a general rule, but that the last dose, which

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1961. Anthony, PvUSsell A., 385 Lancaster Ave., Haverford, Pa.

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The 160 c.c. Janet syringe, with detachable shield and blunt tip of hard rubber.

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He highly complimented the Report on Adulterations, and added some

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areas. No other gross or microscopic changes occurred.

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inoculated with the blood (heart) and bits of the liver, spleen, and kidneys, and

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feel a lump at or near the hernial i-ing. Old age and disease

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perities and promoting the amenities of social life,

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It has been observed that when the illumination is reduced, this

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To get rid of the oedema and eczema of the leg, which may persist in

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the brain, while in still other cases the brain and cord