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mencement of the war: — 'As soon after an action as possible,

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five reported sixty-four cases. I was particular to

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vote our life to the saving and exalting of life, and in

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otology in Johns Hopkins University, for a dissertation on

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Patient died at 11 a.m. Some albumen and casts were found in the

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move about with but little as:4i8tance, and was taken home.

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eral portions are seen to be made up of cells. The central portion

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The blood-count was as follows : Eed blood cells, 4,800,000 per

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anticomplements. It was further shown that a low temperature was

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on the site now occupied by the Midland Eailway at St. Pancras railway

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eration, the new axis cylinder has grown out from its central

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and such asylums are subject to visitation by State officers at any

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mentia itself was not cured. The case, however, was

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tines, exciting its contractions in such a way as to render the

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temporary history, and will search amidst the war of po-

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ment in relation to what Dr. Curtis called our "false-

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To accomplish this one must have a thoroughly dependable source of supply for his

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but forerunners of the latter, and to prevent the former is to

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Childs, 3s; analysis of one hundred and forty-one cases of preg-

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Hospital. B.S. 1975, Concordia University (Canada);

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For the most part, we must, as I firmly believe, look rather to

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The object of these changes is to mitigate the sufferings of

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sleep. A quantity of chains seemed to fall on to the

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pftrts, steep them in proof brandy, and use it as a wash

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tile should be gouged away, so that less opposition may be offered

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So Cato furnished the idea to Saint Pierre and the motto to Casanova.

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French and English literature leads us to the further belief that

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William N. Bullard, M. D. ; No. 3, F. H. Lombard, M. D. ; No. 4,

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The first thing in treatment is rest. This means that the patient is to

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sure was made, and this was most manifest all round the chest and

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would seem rational to ascribe the cause of insanity in such