A distinction has of late been made between diuretics which increase
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cal Summary, August, '93, says: "One of the most important ther-
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water and fired into, the effects of hydraulic pressure were truly
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Bell's classification of the respiratoiy nerves, with
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nerve, they excite direct vibration of the nervous atmo-
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graduates of the Ontario Veterinary College were very highly
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were a source of perplexity, while want of success in
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ing ensue, it is as difficult to deal with, especially in children,
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of the disease no local manifestation of membrane, either dijfuse or punctate.
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or of the gases in the blood might have in producing the apnea, we may
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Treatment. — The cyst should be opened and drained. The result is
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paedias ; it does seem, merely to fill up the space in those
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appeared almost simultaneously, leaving it doubtful whether the con-
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contributing without stint of his wisdom and material
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tions of oil and vinegar. This is a nice accompaniment to
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Both formulae are solidified in the size and shape of cakes of
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disgraceful farce, when we expected silica to open felons, or hepar
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ter case, it usually begins with slight twitches in the muscles of
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cold, he will get up all hours of the night to look after
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wound was cleansed very thoroughly and plaster of Paris
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ville Microscopical Society, etc. Louisville, Ky. 1878.
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"Rothmund has done the operation about four hundred times in the Clinical Hospital
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failure of the glandular system, a few drops of fluid extract of
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1888 b. — On the occurrence of rhabditides in the urine in hematuria. [Abstract
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and it does seem to me that, after these continued demonstrations
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antibodies. Similar recombinant envelope vaccine ap-