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profession outside of the limits of the Third District Branch.

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concise as possible, meddling but little with theory, strictly

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The dictum of Virchow, " A cell nourishes itself and is not nourished,"

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sary result has been, especially in the regions of the neck

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betes Mellitus, Berlin, 1893. — 8. Ebstein, W. Ueber die Lebensweise der Zuckerkra/nken,

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O^Persons desiring further information concerning the College will

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trib., " Contribution to the Anatomy of Keloid," Archiv. Imp.

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This book is avowedly a compilation. Its object is peculiar. Unlike

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period ; an average of fourteen and a half ounces per diem.

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land. Despite the example set by Hunter, surgery continued to

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well grounded, although not definitely proved. There was found a

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London Hospital. — Inclusive fee, 20 guineas; three months' course, 12 guineas.

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Motor flaps may vary as to their number, position, shape, and

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28, and was almost invariably found to be 32. It is very interest-

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^oge who cannot aiford to use expensive fruits. This

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macist calls the big week of the school year. Pharmacy Week began

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discarded), iodide of potassium saturated, and bichloride of

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this critical problem. He's a giant in the field." ■

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Adjunct Professor of Clinical Anatomy in Cell Biology

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claimed that the medical service is undermanned and

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susception is rendered more certain if a small tumor be felt

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grains. There was a very marked improvement. The majority of

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lished as a department of the St. Petersburg Institute

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To accomplish this one must have a thoroughly dependable source of supply for his

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trophy of the heart as such, but rather of preponderance of one ven-

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634. Red Currant Pudding— Ingredients-Somered currants and