but four cases of surgical interference in perforating
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who gave no history of previous attacks. He had been ill for almost a
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cised, giving iaaue to blood and clots, after whidi the subanuinoid
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Temperature 102° ; pulse 108. There was slight delirium last
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First attacks usually last longer than subsequent ones ; the more
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sometimes contracted, sometimes relaxed. In this case certain
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carriage, harness, and pair of horses single-handed —
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it was malignant disease of the glands. Quinine and iron
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ditions which induce the disease even when there is no catarrh.
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the evacuations being loose and watery, without the
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other forms of enteric fever. As already pointed out this disease had
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American from 3rd English Edition. Illustrated. Philadelphia:
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the age of nine nothing that would distinguish him from
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has arrived, deputized to negotiate with us; and, in behalf of the Facul-
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ers be a regular Associate Member of the Association, which
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of the kidaer vhieh it diaiaed had bc c o M C anophied.
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45. Selected Topics of Organic Chemistry. — Prerequisite: Organic Chem-
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RA.TEK:— Recherohes Anatomico-pathologiques sur les Capsules Sur-
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15, 1892, B. C. Buffum; Laramie Hills, July 7, 1894 (No. 357).
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have shown that irritation due to trauma is reduced to a minimum by
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day and generation was unquestionably on a high level. I have no
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moisture and dust. The last plates have a slight projection which
of] person. A patient would do anything in the world that
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available for the immediate placement of chronic, con-
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Patients in Class B are able to do more of the same kind of work as
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vidual should make his own choice of what he wanted to
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accompanying diagram from Foster's Text-Book of Physiology (sixth edition,
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repeating the operation of Csesarean section if occasion should
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men who wear by just decree of their fellows the un-
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Ascites Dependent on Cirrhosis. — Of the four cases of ascites, in
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sufficient education to qualify her to teach country
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president, and Dr. R. J. Stein, of Pierz, secretary. Named
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few that merits further trial. Dr. Paul Nogues has just published
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spinal cord itself is first affected there is an absence of these Tonic
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pared with that of such drugs as kairin, quinine, or antipyrin, and
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the strong rays of light. It is in this manner, then,
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der, morning, noon, and night, mixed with a little cold
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less and ill-considered, that of 1902 is calm, poised, indubitable.
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professional course. In mentioning a definite example,
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In respect to the curative virtues of the several springs and wells nothing
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For tlie second, il is not elimimitiTe, lu will be shown prescnlt/. Th« Rlter-
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daily consumption which experience shows to be sufficient and
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of whom there should be R° scu i n e a man wll ° bas f a ^ Ien * n to a pit.
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fluids, resulting in various tissue alterations exhibited as boils,
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To continue the review of the mental condition, the patient