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The time at which the seven cases of which I now present

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varying dilutions of the unknown disinfectant being tested,

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[ nnstrippd miLScle ; and Tannic acid, by causing this muscle

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its pharmacological properties have been investigated in Profes-

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eliminated (see section on "Technical variations")- The appli-

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proper bed must be prepared. This may be done by the use of

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great, and it is now no stretch of scientific license to draw the conclusion that

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majority of operators are quibbling about the form of ligature or clamp, the

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portion of the urethra. The reason is, that the tube

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areolar structure forms alveolae, or vacant spaces, which are filled by

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wish to be misunderstood on that point, as he appre-

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ing a considerable amount of clot ; and a dissecting one. The

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named) there were extensive areas of atrophy of skin, preceded by patches

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and can be received into the groove of the socket stem, at the

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The tru(; condition is so well described by Dr. Seys

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pathological conditions thus far noted had been, in

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year.t The scientific value of this measure is unknown,

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The horse can go to work as soon as he ean step on the

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'will blacken the silver which he carries in hispocket.

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sometimes extends for a distance out to sea, but frequently is

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Lincoln of the United States was assassinated by being shot in

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years, doing during this period the ordinary amount of work, and exposed

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stimulate organizations that would promote public health. The clean-up

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joint, removal of interposed fibrous tissue, clots, and

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was performed for the sake of ultimate drainage, and

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ing thoracic aorta and beyond the origin of the left subclavian

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chosen was " white arsenic," of which they had a quantity in the

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In addition to, or instead of hemorrhage, there may be disarrange-

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