the slightest difficulty occurred in accomplishing this hitherto formidable
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Acute Appendicitis. In this series of 7f>0 cases of acute appen-
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a gimlet, punching it with a hot iron, or applying caustics. The
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announced under a serious mien, and which proceeds scientifically,
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meetings. The Secretary stated that the Section has
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known singultus with subsultus tendinum ; nothing can be
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institutions. Isolation of a leper in his own house means that he must
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Vandel, Dwight Tedcastle, a, w, sp, Kansas City, Mo. S.B. '22.
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fluid injected into the peritoneum was absorbed within an hour, and the injection
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both of whom died. Orchitis was found in 2 among 930. In 72 autopsies 1
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centa still remaining entire. The difference in color between the um-
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ilies of this sort be located in rural communities where there
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certain diagnostic reliance placed upon the special lesions of pleuro-
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tient remained in hospital forty days after the diuretic treatment was
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counterpart of French Art Nouveau, in the outlining of natural forms and let-
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his father's garden and buried, and there by his side, at a future
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In the microscopical examinations, besides some bacteria, which
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Indian pink, starbloom, worm grass, worm weed, American wormroot.
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this until his wife, who was at his bedside in response to a tele-
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be no doubt that they appeared very early in the course of the disease,
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it was unnecessary, a little later, in conversation with a chance
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mission. Thus, among the last 685 cases, albumin was found only on the
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optochin. No attempt was made to select the patients for treatment,
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horses with the three types of dysenteric bacilli, namely the 1st, 2nd and
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lishing a troublesome precedent; the Publishing Committee
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midnight, so that another sun found not a ready laborer.
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and tenderness of the shins are quite characteristic, and prevent
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entered the left side of the face, near the angle of the jaw, and
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attended by agonizing pain, shock, and subsequent peri-