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water had an offensive odour, or, as she expressed it, 'smelt feverish.' It was
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on the 29th of July she could walk above a mile. The local affection was more
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Engel and Kiener. Cause of the Brown Color of Urine with Nitric Acid, Soc.
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certain selected cases the results are often brilliant.
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undiluted serum. After eight treatments the cerebrospinal fluid was
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to a strong sensation. Upon applying his hand to the spot pained, the sensa-
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The President, Dr. Barker, expressed the regret with which
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factory. While testing out the chemicals 200 c.c. of distilled water,
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of the Cerebral JSTerves, recommended at the last JMeeting of the Association. By
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the arterial, when by the formation of acetic acid a portion of the alkaline carbo-
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ing of the thigh, and the diminution of that of the leg; and if there had not
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masses, or abnormal pulsations. The liver duiness is one finger's breadth
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1912. Wilson, Louis B., 1101 W. Zumbro St., Rochester, Minn.
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gums bled easily. Patient had slight cough, dyspnea on exertion and
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with the patient on a mixed diet was 3.2 mg. ; the total non-protein
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to extract some few facts and conclusions from the several sources
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dulness did not extend beyond the right sternal line.
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facial neuralgia, neurasthenia, diabetes insipidus, polyneuritis, brain tumor, amebic
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hibiting symptoms of premature old age, the combined result of poverty, intem-
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the Ephemcr. Nat. Our.: 'Une femme viourut dans Vcspacc de qnclq^ies hcures, apres
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may owe his appointment, will regard him as a scientific clinician
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tingles to be up and doing;" often they know little of the circum-
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intestine, it seems probable that urobilin will also be taken up by
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tine, and this exaggeration always appears wherever the manifestations
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Dr. Van Specz of Vienna had similar success. He gave arsenic both in
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"in a few minutes." The autopsy showed the abdomen to be filled with
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at that late date, to accurately correlate the two processes. The
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uals and from patients affected with exophthalmic goitre. Also,
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voyage round Cape Horn; the cough was preceded by coryza, and
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ed, and the extremities are puny and ill-developed. How beautifully this tallies
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from the fourth French edition. Philadelphia, Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1835.
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epilepsy, angina pectoris, mania and melancholy, asthma when it depends upon
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rated upon by the prese t surgeons, Mr. Dahymple, Mr. Norgate, or myself, have
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hemorrhage ensued, both from the wrist and axilla. Dr. Watkins, who was
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ease and pleasure, and the life of fancy, the other the straight and
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are capable of setting up in monkeys clinical and pathological
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