(the University of London) regarded him as a heretic,

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The insane criminals and criminal insane suffer with the same

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the force of firm and just convictions. He hated show and

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The incidence of lobar pneumonia in the different camps varies

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ion expressed by Prof. Pitcher that there is a common basis and nature

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diphtheria in childhood is probably due to the mucous mem-

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5. What structures of the kidney are chiefly concerned in fil-

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from stagnation in the bloodflow, or from roughening and damage to the

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patient, a single woman, aged 41, whose menstruation had been regular

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' Tested at a later date, about 400 firm, were tolerated without glycosuria.

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we hav(! to seek no further for the cause of an erosion,

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good. No muscular anaesthesia. Concentric limitation of visual field ;

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persons which were wounded, or where veterinarians have been

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ancient landmarks," but in venerating the maxims of former days.

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Treatment. — The disease being of a local character, requires

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men marry at or about the end of two years after primary syphilis, and

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all the medical men, trained nurses, and attendants who have, after being

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of cutaneous diseases, arranged according to the classification adopted in

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that it was contrary to the rules of their practice

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Analysis of ticenfij-tico cases reported since 1893. — The average age of

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An intravenous sugar tolerance test was made with results as shown in

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bacteria and kill them intracellularly. In this way the animal

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still be caused by mental concentration or excitement, and sus-

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m.anner of a septic or gonorrhoeal infection and how almost inevitable

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either as morphine or as apomorphine, and that in certain instances it appar-

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rebuild life along wiser and better lines. This will mean that after all

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runs pretty smoothly. I get a little recreation now and then by whipping

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