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and close to the horse; from the knees down, movable.

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J. R. CuRRiE (Journ. Hi/g., Cambridge, 1907, January, vol. vii. Xo. 1)

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Schulthess in Zurich. These papers, unfortunately, had but little influence,

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disease were, as Dr. Gondie states, "in every instance, either a

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the similarity of the leaves. The pointed, sheathing leaves are from 2 to 6 feet

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duced by it." Schroeder* enumerates his views as follows :

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Ulceration and congestion of the os uteri is the true pathology of

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symptoms; whereas the other, with less involvement of the lungs,

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Nurses attached to the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1886,

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fession and the pleasures incident to its study and practice. There are opportuni-