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as tea, coffee, water, carbonated and saline waters; whisky and


casein broth in an endeavor to settle the question of the specificity of bac-

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of intense malarial prevalence, and hinders that natural selection

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tinguishes them that is more valual)le perhaps than any other, and

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supposed to contain wine were recently seized by the police

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comparison, 43.3% (13/30) of the women identified by

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gated in a similar manner to those of London in the search for con-

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go beyond the United States. In doing so, it is, obviously, better to

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external opening, but to my great surprise and disappointment

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often better candidates psychologically than younger ones.

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marks on the paper. In the first place, as to the name : it

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and from beneath which there may be furnished a fatty and serous

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dom a larger proportion of this product. In 1902 there were credited

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melasma. Here, then, was an example, not of a nalural

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an abscess filled with dark coloured pus. The kidneys

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a consultant, written, however, by a nurse practitioner,

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wounding only the skin of the back superficially, has been known to cause

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numbers. Fibrin is seen in small quantity if at all.

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In the intervals between the paroxysms. Attention must

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him even to turn in bed, pulse very feeble, and 140, skin cold and moist,

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slightly increased in size and of firmer consistence than normal. When

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admitted to the hospital ; the limbs were still flaccid without

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Spinal meningitis is a very &tal malady, and although doubtless some

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Sometimes indurated or gritty little masses are brought

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2. The frequency of the pulse being given, the rhythm of the sounds

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ment. By Henry G. Weight, M.D., M. B.C. P., Physician

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study of vitamin deficiencies initiated by Dr. Katherine O'Shea

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devoid of smell and taste has been made, which, it is

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movement to end domestic violence in our state. (Photo by Carole Pollack.)

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Billroth as having said in one of his clinics "that with aseptic practice and

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ated two hundred and fifty physicians ; a hospital has been

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fluid ; then passed an armed needle through the pedicle, and tied

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of Chicago, as a mark of esteem for his work in obstetrics,

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was calculated only from an average value of R X A.

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looking, which is preceded by very moderate colicky pain, and is ao-

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muscles of the jaws, Sir C. Bell designated " the nerve of

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2. The results obtained by the intravenous injections of uric acid

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consider whether pain or abscess are present. The indica-

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November 10-1 1— Gastro-Intestinal Cancer. Saint Joseph Medical

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linger some of the many valuable anatomical specimens which once