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north of Scotland, which depended greatly on his genial disposition

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pulse 76, regular ; skin 100 - 2° ; tongue very foul, but moist ;

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Hematology-Oncology Conference, second Thursday, 12:00 noon. Laboratory Library. A meal is provided.

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A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published every other Saturday. Price, $3

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rigor more or less severe ; pain in the head, back and legs, the latter

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sneezing, a hard and dry cough, nausea and retching. In children,

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mond Hospital, Surgeon Swift '.s Hospital for Lunatics, 8 Ely-place,

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Society, of the author's last paper on tuberculosis, we took

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Br. J. F. N., Mississippi. — The price of Chassaignac's improved

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cious mass of clear mucus at intervals. Very common is a clear, thin fluid.

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On the 9th of August, 1862, eight cases of coma from sunstrok

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memory good ; use of words good. Since then he has had no difficulty

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and would even be present at the making of them. ..." Three

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Clinical Medicine. -John Fife, Red Bluff, Chairman; J. H. Utley, Los

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attentive, resolute, wise practitioner, just such a man as

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cutaneous diseases, articular rheumatism, Bright*s disease of the kidneys,

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pears possible from the widespread distribution of the pneumococcus.

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The most remarkable feature of the case is the grouping of

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As to distribution, whilst local syncope seldom occurs except in the

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Ampere, and Herschel, in a way which left little for the objections

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of those neurotic medicines which, like the bromides, chloral

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ous material, like the power of some of the bacteria to give