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disordered that the bones are affected by irregular growth and
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gradually diminishing excretion lasting from thirty-six to sixty-four hours
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siderable fever is manifested, a drop of the tincture of aconite may
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more must they be regarded as mere waste matter in nutrition. The
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allows some of the blood to return which has been forced by them.
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tendons never take part in the pseudo-hypertrophic jjrocess. Exam-
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some people are more liable to sufl'er than others ; and its poison,
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tion may take place it is necessary that spermatozoa, which are con-
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of the brain or the heart itself. Such symptoms are of but little
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tissues, e. g.,the kidney, might therefore be acquired as in cases of scarlatina
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healthy persons deviates but little from — 0.56° C, that of their urine varies
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such a patient are milk, cream, koumiss, buttermilk, eggs in liquid
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tain the circulation onl}^ with difficulty, is still more impaired by the
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of the movements of the heart, as the result of irritation propagated
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pass into the abdominal cavity it would most likely excite peritonitis,
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in five or six years it again reached nearly its former
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also, and in still greater degree, carbohydrates are little more than
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experiments the proof of the formation of fat from albumin was thought
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not undergo haemolysis in the incubator, as they do when they are left in con-
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unable, for the time being, to reproduce itself, becomes a spore.
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Fatigue of the heart occurs after a few contractions, and the muscle
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the macroscopically normal muscles (from the centre of the pectoralis
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essary to remove beyond the reach of human habitation, in order to
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from the mouth to the stomach. Its length is about nine inches, in
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17th, mane : Wandered at times during the night, but had occa-
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and altered, from coagulation of transuded plasma, and as an excretion of
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will be well to refer to it here. When a man has suffered from re-
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ment, but they cannot create the malady without the concurrence of