Bohr 3 has called into question the identity of hemoglobin from
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Pellagrin 643 : L. O. A., girl, was born Aug. 23, 1907. The initial attack
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the digestion, absorption and excretion of the amino-acids, and their relation
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the wall of the thorax, which it may erode, as in the example cited.
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draw from them a much greater amount of blood than could thus be
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the coagulation time lengthened and kept on doing so until its previous
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roma that in the great majoritj' of instances constitutes the criterion
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urticaria lasting forty-eight hours, while in Case 2 the administration
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cells, lymphoid, and irregular cells, histogenous in origin.
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duce a wave that can be felt in the artery. In other instances the
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months prior to entering the hospital he had a marked lemon yellow
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degeneration of the heart in a child, and Dickinson reported a
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current phlebitis. Yaricose veins are specially prone to be the seat
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respiration in the medulla oblongata. Thus typical Cheyne-Stokes
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as much as possible. The workingman or woman has in this regard
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An attack of paroxysmal bradycardia may sometimes be cut short
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mentioned were coagulated by heat with the cautious addition of 1 per
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extensive desquamation of a similar sort. But in certain of these per-
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not keep warm and consequently sit as near as possible to the fire.
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In warm-blooded animals two classes of effects follow thyroidec-
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at least for a time. Where the heart no longer reacts, the prognosis
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dry. The escape should be slow, for if the cedema be allowed to
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stages, showing the deviations from the normal curve:
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Gillette collected, up to 1909, fifteen fatal cases and thirteen non-
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examined by Prudden 7 in which it weighed only 112 grains, and in
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tissue metamorphosis whereby irritant toxins are evolved. No
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' In healthy persons it is often very difficult to make out the exact
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orrhages are present. The distribution is uniform in all the blocks when com-
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