the neomembrane is free, since the posterior synechias
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acterise the wound of entrance. It is generally less depressed,
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In the treatment of endometritis or corporal endometritis, we would
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very sore, when an application of Calendula will effect a speedy cure.
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agement of the University entirely within the hands of the regents, and
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staid and appreciate what is really valuable in Oriental literature.
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though the severity of the affliction be somewhat miti-
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event of only a moderate number of admissions the entire available oper-
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The knob is held in the palm of the hand ; the relief, I suppose,
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very great majority of those which we saw were obviously hopeless, we
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vessels : It is a practical means of relief from back-
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of the thorax may appear, we are nevertheless of the opinion
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carotid, both within the cavernous sinus and at its termination in the circle of
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is marked lordosis, with large, protruding abdomen, and
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pain, weariness, and weakness. As I heard she had had, not long
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contaiu gold in the finest powder. Clean the copper or
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protuberance posteriorly, embracing the temples laterally,
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delicate touch, compression being exercised both through
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Dr. A. L. Carroll, of Xew York county, said that the comumuication
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for four months after this last severe paroxysm, and she gradu-
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Cough with other Diseases ;" the other " On Change of Climate in Winter
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or localising symptoms are added to those of general significance, diagnosis
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esthetic rhinitis, especially in that form which characterizes hay
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and whoops of each patient in twenty-four hours was closely watched.
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position which it was thought best to have her maintain until the coming
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in two months. A few weeks before admission the pain returned
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Sir Anthony A. Bowlby, C.M.G., Raymond Johnson, F.E.C.S.
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