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forearm. Tr. Path. Soc. Phila. (1883-5), 1886, xii, 9.

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by the kidneys and are somewhat irritating to these organs

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through all the strictures; there is still some soreness.

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. ing in intensity; when the dyspnea is accompanied by an

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movements of the paralyzed muscles, and rigidity of the muscles of the

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tore della librina. Atti Cong. gen. d. Ass. med. ital. 1880,

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content with anything less than a full training qualifying them to take charge of

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they had no right to ask us to indorse their theories.

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sent; and among others Dr. John Gordon, who is supposed to

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(b) Diffuse Adhesive Peritonitis.^In tuberculosis and general car-

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male element, and a larger makrogamete, containing the female

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gans. This is nearly always true in the feigned variety

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schools degenerated ; the school of Salerno with its " four masters,"

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possibly obtain from the use of soap and water alone.

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a spheroidal surface applied to a concave surface may be said to be of

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severe unemic manifestations is increased, as the already diseased kidneys are

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imprisonment, for sending her servant, who was suffering from

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tuberculous matter. The animals chosen were of ages least liable

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four, five, or even six times, each at intervals of a fortnight.

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The normoblasts are red blood-corpuscles about the size of normal cells,

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of muscular continuity with the uterus are lost. In these, Virchow

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and these means having failed, attempts have been made

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attention, not that the colour of this precipitate is now

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but had a central hardened portion. It was fibrous, but very-