1888 d. — Helminthologische Untersuchungen. [Review of von Linstow, 1887 d,
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trating wounds of the abdomen. But in a simple flesh wound by-
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marked ; in addition they have to be emptied, thus affording another
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enlargement. Irregularity in the size and distribution of chromatin
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complete retrograde amnesia, which shows no signs of disappearing
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suspected of intending it by any person. I did not notice the
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when taken for months. (3) No craving for it seems to be
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the neomembrane is free, since the posterior synechias
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Sara Elizabeth Branham, Ph.D., Instructor in Bacteriology, University of
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succeeded in delivering, but at the expense of a pair
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Cancer of the tonsil is insidious. Pain is an early
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in only one case did a thrombus form. There is, as a rule, union by
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that, as the universe one day resulted from the at-
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Epilepsy — Nemesius, Bishop of Edessa, erroneously said to
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[Dr. Macewen then gave details of the other cases which
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who are victims of this di-ead malady are ignorant of the fact
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sated blood, and the nates sometimes, but veiy mrely, become the seat
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other liand, we have a profusion of microphotographs
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VII., 20 vols. ; Ser. VIII., 20 vols. ; Ser. IX., vols. 1-
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they begin with flight foods, fuch as have a great re-
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work is the first systematic treatise in which the ques-
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city until shortly before his death, twenty-seven years later.
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food. It has been satisfactorily proved that fat cattle of the best
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cannot be washed off; and hence, in dark-skinned horses,
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ture, but to science, as to art, they made little original
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demies, liowever, seizures continue to occur up to January, as in the
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sounds, that they precede or follow the most ordinary manifestations
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litter, and opposite each socket, attached to the side of the ambulance,
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There is an abnormal dryness of the tissues of the body
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against everything near him. At night his torments increase.
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diagrams (Plate I.) show, upon the one hand, the outlines of the yellow-
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erable extent. This will not fail you. For families this
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pitals, military hygiene and first aid and the trans-
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in a tea-pot" which his sermon had produced (with a very few of
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