fever they appear early, and the headache and delirium are more intense

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14. Mucous Ulcer. — This is a form of tubercular ulceration of the

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Differential Diagnosis. — Diarrhani may be mistaken for choUra, dysenteryy

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high nor does it persist above normal for a long time. As in typhoid, so here

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median line ; it may, however, be felt at the lower part of the epigastric

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tions do not contract as firmly as in simple cirrhosis, and the organ thus

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that it is a secondary disease and that its occurrence indicates that the pa-

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Muscular rheumatism is attended by intense and constant pain, aggra-

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riding and walking in the open air should be insisted upon. A change of

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veyed only by diffusion, generally through air or water, and their activity

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jority of cases, complete cicatrization of the ulcers does not occur. The

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Nausea, vomiting or regurgitation of food may accompany the pain ;

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exposure and the appearance of the eruption varies. In some cases the

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quarantined. The dwelling in which the fever has broken out should be

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tissue becomes in consequence much greater than normal. In its natural

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It is symmetrical and usually involves the superior maxillary bone.

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a prominence on the front of the joint. A history of the accident, to-

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The prognosis also depends upon the age of the patient ; the rate

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rence. If the i)oisoning goes on gradually, the i)atu'nt will first become

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of great cortical irritation. This is manifest by the person shunning

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Symptoms. — The symptoms and the pJiysical signs vfhich attend such

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of yellowish material. This may be followed by the ejection of a dark-

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in a few hours, or it may be delayed two or three weeks. Acute gastritis

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followed by another crop. Usually the eruption is visible about two

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cation be allowed to continue for any length of time, not even a few

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often present. An annoying fetor, not an invariable occurrence, results

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rounding the base of the ulcer ; ai\d.fourtJili/, in suppuration in the coats of

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ployed, except in times of emergency, when, from some sudden renal con-

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not so in pneumothorax, where respiratory sounds are absent. Succussion

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■which receives into its interior, vessels and nerves, while the surface is

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(c) Antyllus's method. The old operation of Antyllus is no longer

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Symptoms. — Acute tonsillitis is usually ushered in by a distinct chill fol-

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covered with a dark, ashy, or brown colored slough. The adjacent tissue is

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Carbuncle. — Occasionally in debilitated persons where the case is

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arterial degeneration, transmission of the murmur to the xiphoid cartilage,

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and the absence of left ventricular hypertrophy and dilatation.'

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