Resolved, That the above preamble and resolution be published in the
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near the seat of the traumatic insult. It is precisely in this group
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587. Amber Pudding— Ingredients— i lb. of fresh butter, ^ lb.
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bony cavities, and which involve the orbit secondarily. This
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up for him so high a wall of reserve about them that neither the
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and mucous secretion. The conjunctiva generally was in a state
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be shown to me. I found, however, that he had neither had any
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single instance. Our friend, Dr. Covernton, of Simcoe, also
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* If qualified, unlimited professional development.
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a census of seventy-eight, consists of about 500 acres of land,
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quondam patient is being skilfully and intelligently treated; that
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ventricular contraction is allowed too much weight. The possibility of
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the genuine article for home use. It is undoubtedly a splen-
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boracic solution thus constantly playing upon the surface of the
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senior departments, in such a way that all students at-
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Anteriorly some sensation remained down to a few inches below
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Night before last, he was called into the country. I found him at
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Catarrh, bronchial, in catarrhal pneumonia, 194 ; in
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Wood and Cema, The Physiology of Ethyl Chloride, etc.. Dental Cosmos, July,
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clinical history and appearance of the eye and fundus before
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septic caustics (crystallized carbolic acid, the mineral acids,
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WILLIAM T. LUSK, M. D., New York County, Fifth District.
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therefore, one has merely to add nitrous acid and measure the volume
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Surgical Association at the annual meeting in Richmond, Va., May IG.
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Even when regarded simply as schools for the train-
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small doses of ipecacuanha, will often prove sufficient to relieve and shorten
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quality of any professional activity. In the emergency depart-
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argument and ridicule upon Pasteur's method of treating hydro-