the earlier indications of disease; and it is only when they can no
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broncho-pneumonia had been present before he had seen the children, that
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Kleiner describes a test for the amount of sugar in the blood which
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records the facts bearing on duration. These facts are: (1) the
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(1 vulgaris), in one the Pasteur's V. septique. The 24-hour broth cultures
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observed unaccustomed i)lac('s after the removal of a gland which
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investigations on haematogenous jaundice.] Boll. d. Soc. med.-chir. di Pavia,
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goitre" list, showed marked hypertrophy or hyperplasia or, more
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mited, threw off two lumbrici of a larger size, afteF which she
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changes to those of direct pulmonary impairment is apparent and
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of the clot indicates in a general way the amount of fibrinogen, and
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there is a retrograde infection along the lymphatics from tuber-
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of every measure that might be empirically recommended. The
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OctolMjr 4, Abdomen distended. Respiration sighing. Pallor marked
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merozoites succeed in passing directly into other red cells which
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disease in the nurses. Nassau attributes the relative immunity to- measles
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There are not, in the ordinary acceptance of the term, any inflammatory
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myeloid tissue. In the case of anaemic mice this becomes developed in the
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ment of organs, but we will confine our attention entirely to that
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haemoglobin. When this was added to a standard broth a clear solution
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occurrence of pregnancy in leukaemia indicates a most unfavourable out-
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repeatedly experienced its utility in both acute and chronic
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being often under 50 per minute. By a regular life and moderate and
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admirably fitted by previous study to perform this labour. He
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type and with marked protrusion of the forehead, and malar prominences.
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northrup: miliary tuberculosis of lungs and skin 121
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come to my knowledge from observation or information.
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was so marked that it was elicited by the lightest tap. The long
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contain between 80 and 90 per cent, of all the cases. The exact
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anterior limits of the midbrain does not show any tonic spasm in its
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(c) If there are evidences of a definite inflammatory process,
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tion of the cerebellum, and he asserts that the view which regards the
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effect. I have taken several such doses in a day. With the
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of force and sequence of contraction in the different muscles employed '.
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was bacteriologically and histologically examined with the following results :
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taining eight to ten ounces of creamy, yellow pus, entirely free from any
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could not be expected after removal of only one lobe, but at the same time
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colonies, (d) B. oedematiens, B. bellonensis, and strain 2 Y coagulate milk
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opportunity for experiment. There can be little doubt that similar
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matic cord to the abdominal ring, and of a pyramidal figure.
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bases, pyrimidin derivatives and phosphoric acid, also a carbohydrate group.
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possible the whole body, is injected and fixed by means of a solution of
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internal secretion are responsible for Graves's disease. In a discussion on