portance. And with the important changes as regards regimen,

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the male sex, in regard to the propriety of matrimony while

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Acting on this suggestion, I, in 1880, inoculated two pigs

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ments, the shape of the outline must largely depend upon the condition of

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second case the chiasma and tracts were intact, and the peripheral

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national Academy of Proctology, 43-55 Kissena Blvd.,

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which had at that time appeared in the Edinburgh military

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de biol., Par., v. 63 (32), 15 nov., pp. 445-146. [W» YV m .]

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by the blood-vessels of the intestine and carried away by the portal

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periodic. There are few cases in the convalescent stage to which

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bile accumulation. Under the microscope, these were found to

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Fourth. The establishment and furtherance of cordial professional

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ner. The structural unit and growth of the pancreas

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individuals for research and service in pathology and related fields. Research programs use

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disease, and most of these were slight. In every case I used the

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Center at Clinton, Iowa, where he will serve as chief

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but he has given an admirable and exhaustive review

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It is physically impossible, however, to secure a sufficient staff

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sound ones; in keeping tuberculous animals out of pastures, sheds

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These are the symptoms, whatever the form of the acute obstruc-

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(Cheek bone). — 5. Upper Jaw bone — 6. Lower Jaw bone. — 7. Cervical

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The condition of the heart and vessels should be known

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diminished, and the percussion note is generally tympanitic,

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Physical Culture separated. They are both integral parts of Health

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adopt other means, which, at first glance, may appear tyrannical.

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may be plugging of the smaller cerebral arteries with

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ly every wart, and often in less than a week's time.

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country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the level plains

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