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hippuric ami succinic acids, phenol, ami pyrocatechin
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it will facilitate the cure, if the patients lie in blan*
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is most active, the author would in future prefer to take his antitoxin from
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Death following Confinement on the Sixth Day, with singular Nervous
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direction quite worthy of the profoundest investigation. The
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Symptoms of General Inflammatior of the Mouth. Diffi-
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anteversion and 11 of anteflexion;) and 33 were posterior, (12 of re-
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dized, and conveyed away out of the blood into the urine and
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legs bony, fiat, and sinewy ; the pasterns rather long
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after large doses of quinine and aconite, he felt much relieved, and
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tion. I repeat, then, that neither in ancient nor in modern times, so far
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the duties of which along with those of treasurer, he discharged until
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pin-point, transparent colonies on human blood agar, no change in the blood;
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Chairman, Department of Health — D. M. Sargent, M. D., Cam-
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papers, “The Character of the Earth’s Elements, Its function, Development, and
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pain of micturition, which induces the patient to resist the
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than is necessary ; add a cup of rice or pearl-barley, cay-
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medicine at Oxford University, told staff physicians that
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course of treatment in this case the pneumococci in the body became
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the light yellow fluid motions contained many active amoebse. No ulcera-