powder, and the foregoing symptoms are not only more marked and

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that if more than one perforation existed, the gut would be in

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john, Barrett, Chiene, Caverhill, Craig, James Ritchie, K. M. Douglas,

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explanation on some other basis. Several authors, notably Zieler" and

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We generally take up very erroneous notions as to the way in

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The patient states that at the battle of Gettysburg, July

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dents to real-life responsibilities in a variety of

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de biol., Par., v. 63 (32), 15 nov., pp. 445-146. [W» YV m .]

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the least sceptical among the many opponents of the

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were ever present, nor were any cardiac murmurs or irregularity

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present day to be the structure of the difi"erent tissues that is given, and

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the specimens examined, the mucous membrane of the stomach and

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the diseasQ is essentially of neurotic origin, and occurs in persons of nervous

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She cannot remember having had a rash on the body or face. She has

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mitted that the condition was a pathological rather

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recommended doses of the drug do not inhibit the action of the cytochrome P-450-linked oxygenase

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cular branches from the giant cells are unquestionably concerned

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THE attention of the Public Health Journal has been drawn

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in order to enable us to detect the deviations that occur ; but when

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clature," and afterwards still further confirmed this opinion. If,

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Tarsal Cartilages. — These fibrocartilaginous substances are

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next of kin, if the postmortem was conducted in the usual manner.

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should be similar to those first introduced by Dr. Husband of Edinburgh.

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of Naeve Hospital staff. He served as county coroner, was a member of the board

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which may rupture. Out of 134 cases of cerebral haemorrhage 6 were

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its birth, likewise when it comes wrong, or when there are

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hemorrhages appeared towards the lower end of the right scrotum (Fig. 11),

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