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1. Baronofsky, I. D.; Treloar, A. E., and Wangensteen, O. H.:

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Palma E. Eormica, M.D. (1984) (Middlesex) Old Bridge

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Treatment. — The flexed elbow should be well supported by a sling,

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missions, chosen by a wise Creator as the most powerful of all means

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(East) ; Weston, E. IT. ; White, E. L. ; White, IT. C. (East) ; Willis, R.

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effects are excitement, nausea, emesis, vertigo, headache,

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A story related by the late English author, Eliot Warburton, is

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James Bares, M.B., L.R.C.S., Edin. ; late House Surgeon, Northern

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surprised, however, to find that the majority of London surgeons

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is largely preventable by proper care and skilled attendance.

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danger of carrying this disease, however, is much less than in fowl

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Neuralgia. — In the Chicago Medical Examiner for June, Dr. L. D.

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If the mouth is so sore that the child refuses to eat or drink, cries