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was, in the opinion of the medical officer, innimne.

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he can refuse to consult with any one, regular or ir-

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function can be oftener restored in these patients than would

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bluish cast; and the body is generally bedewed with sweat. Fi-

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these into dumplings, drop them into a pan of fast boiling

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immunity from abrin, ricin, and robin, and by Tizzoni and others for tetanus

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laboured. In the same way, if, as is usually directed, a bundle be

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unable to walk, the patient is brought in on a stretcher,

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in all his work with the knife, wasting no time whatever,

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limit the use of this method. Statistical comparison of

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monly fatal, has a sudden onset, and is preceded by no

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four days previously. She was treated with nitrate of .^ilver locally, imd sulphate

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Text-Fig. 1. Two vertical and parallel incisions in the neck are shown. The

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the Generation and Distribution of Nerve Force: based upon Original Mi<»x)80opical

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brandy or whisky may be necessary in the twenty-four hours, or double

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are no advertising inserts ; no commercial notes of

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dysenteric flux, but for moderating the accompanying pains and

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in this way that chemical agents are forced into the pancreas which

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