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own experiments included, 800 observations have been made, and

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During the exhibition of Levulose, the amount of sugar in the

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increasing doses, where it is desirable to produce a decided alterative

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is one of the most instructive examples of an epidemic due to an infected

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out. The author defines heredity as " that biological law by which

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not only immense advantage to those for whom they were constructed, but

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Should the sharp metal particles be inhaled the lining membrane of

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and subsequently administering the more specific remedies for

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three pounds for curing the leg of James Henderson, injured in a fight with a

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height in from thirty-six to forty-eight hours and disappears on the

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Arrived at station May, 1907; showed no clinical evi-

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pendence of tliis disease on the abnormal state of the heart.

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precisely, as in a mathematical proportion, and there is always the

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might as well be a non-combatant in a besieged city. But if you are

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is by preserving the spinal cord of a rabid animal in a

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in length, fitting into a conical perforated, India rubber obturator,

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diseases of the male generative organs, etc. Unless mine has been

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decidedly objectionable thing to use them. The doctor has,

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cases of scabies and pediculosis to tbe Lock PTospital, and

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If necessary to arrest hemorrhage he then uses perchloride of

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of gunshot fractures of the femur, the author says : —

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Medical Association, the Washington State Medical Association, and the Wyoming Medical Society.

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of disease, and the mitigation of suffering throughout the world", has

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Remembrance of the sacrifices of those who gave their all for

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bring better prices in the fall and during the winter than

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3. Febrile delirium tremens, with decided fever, excessive and general

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under him, but if possible he should raise himself above the ground by

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fatal ; by the l^ye, such a dose might have ended with a Eip Yan

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16. Dochez, A. R., and Gillespie, L. J. : Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1913, 61, 727.

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ness of ill,' assistance rendered. Thirty-five minutes

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A differential count showed: jx>l\inorphs, 71 j>er rent.; small

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one individual man. The vibration of the wholeness of things

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ajorbid states puysL is oarticularly useful, as in worms, hide bound.

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Joum. of Med. 1863, xxxv. p. 344. — 6. Davidson. Liverpool Med. aiid Surg. liep. 1869.

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the above mentioned furrow which appears in the large area be-

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Case 99, 8 mos. Dr. Jackson, Boston Soc. for Med. Imp.,

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appear to be connected with both varieties of dystrophies.