severity of the epidemic in the southern than in the northern parts

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was el^acted, chapter 289 of the laws of 1890, authorizing

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works and monographs, it is not necessary for me, in

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or (b) disturbance of tactile sense with pain, or (c) the general symptoms

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suffocation, with oppression and constriction of the chest, and an over-

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encephaly the latter are disposed in rays around the porus into which they

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denly complained of severe pain (distal occlusion ?), commencing

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ferent symptoms differ as regards their respective diagnostic value. Some

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The Seventeenth Annual Meeting of the New Mexico Medical

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the digestive capacity is poor the food should be predigested, and such

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Carcinoma affects those who have nursed children or those who

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origin in functional derangement of the stomach and malnutrition. In

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Quinine is usually sold in the form of the sulphate, [{C^oH^^^ 202)2-

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rats that lived longer than a few hours; in the tissues of

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late Dr. Brown-Sequard, of Paris, France, and so effectually developed by cer-

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face was livid, the respiration irregular. The pulse became almost imperceptible

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that a third of his patients had more than one attack of chorea, and he

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This question needs no argument with any sensible physician.

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Further, if a person is left inactive and absolutely quiet in

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Rigors generally accompanied the pyrexia, but there was

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fact that in ordinary Bright's disease, the albuminuria

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" Lyons, O. : Jour. Am. Med. Asso., Dec 6, 1913, p. 2061.

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sulted by letter or personal interview, not only approved, but

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cygeal, and perigluteal recesses can be brought into view

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the drugs commonly used by physicians under these conditions, are, as a

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Alumnol v terapii glaznikh ziibolievauiy. ( ... in dis-

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cyst was much darker in color than that which was first removed. The

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Radiology Conference, third Tuesday, 12:00 noon, Jefferson Regional Medical Center

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principle we stimulate the nerve centres in pneumonia.

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was the seat of extreme burning and itching. She stated that

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Case 213. — 0. W. A. had a rapidly progressing tabes of two and one-

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the amount of such ferments liberated may be sufficient to saturate the

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precision. In discussing the dental tissues he presents a wealth

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a rather acute course and then remain stationary, even though the lung

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each case have survived, but, by a process of natural

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philanthropists will be drawn to the crying need of such