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a gastric ulcer, followed by retention, the presence of carcinoma four months
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after this temporary oedema has subsided. But the blocking of the
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In 100 children, carefully examined by Dr. B., there were 30, aged from five
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instant removal to the hospitals; (3) segregation of 'contacts;'
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praldisclie Aerzte. Von Dr. Reinhold Ledermann. Berlin : W.
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Clots. — Organic Causes seemingly Favorable to Intravenous Coagulation
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Croton water -shed. Not one-fifth the amount is neces-
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of days, weeks, or months. In a sense, therefore, neurasthenia is
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and for many years he served as orthopedic surgeon of
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who have no hearing which can be used. These form two-thirds or three-
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the floor of the fattening boxes for cattle, viz., living on
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general reaction; in other words, a mean between the two
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to the bromide and chloral, to avoid the depressing
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Our medical organizations, whether representing the general
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they refer to the gradual changes that have so often been seen
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diameter." The boy later admitted that he had a habit
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munization, but it is necessary to inject too large a quantity of
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the soil at 9 a.m. was 40.3° at a depth of 1 foot; at a depth of
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a more practically instructive collection of facts for the benefit
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such common troubles as poisoned cuts and pin pricks of
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fluid injected into the peritoneum was absorbed within an hour, and the injection
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Attending Psychiatrist, New York Hospital. B.A. 1961,
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were a few drops of a turbid fluid. The lung tissue
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the silk. A few small veins and articulatuig branches of the artery had
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Table III. — Age of Onset in Anterior Poliomyelitis.
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absent in the central part. The size of this central clear area
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any of the wasting forms of disease, whether in the infant or
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From the history of the case, it appears that the inversion mast have occurred