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General dilatation of arteries may be due to atony or paralysis of their
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by Heinz Santesson found that caffeine in moderate doses increased the
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tres in both occipital lobes with the speech sphere. That speech defects result
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Cornea by Edward Jackson M. D. Philadelphia abstract Refraction
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Anatomical conditions explain the greater frequency of varicocele
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In all redressings the outer non sterile bandages or
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may be produced. During fast work the stomach should
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medium are considered B. acidophilus. These mediums are also prepared in
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of the larynx. The papillary growths which surround these ulcers are
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Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War died at his home in
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mucous membrane involving at the same time to a greater or less
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document to Tlie Tribune. I do not presume to judge
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pedagogics social pathology care of the healthy and care
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will probably lead us to believe that the objective symptoms would be
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ment. The use of bougies has perhaps been followed by
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where to draw the line on free care. The VA health care
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quality. The former given in a certain quantity occasion a
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increased functional activity of the kidneys as evidenced by an enor
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gomery of Philadelphia Tumors of the Abdominal Wall by Dr.
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The Sterilization of Catgut. At a recent meeting of the
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a certain number of cases and have relied more upon electricity
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or more goitrous masses may be thus removed from a thyroid
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memoir and founded on the careful personal investigation
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should be so applied that no necrosis of tissue results.
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trouble and trifling provocation may suffice to determine the
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