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also millions of small glands or follicles which secrete the intestinal

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forms of phthisis. This subacute course is particularly distinguished by

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Statement of composition on the label. Samples sent to physicians upon

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In pursuing this inquiry as to the persons attacked, the date and place

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rion; the second form has these united in knobs (cotyledons). The

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a quadrilateral form, measuring not far from an inch in length, depth,

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complete, yet as the method is new and nothing at all

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Whoever is astonished at this statement, forgets that we use the

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by preventing any foreign material from getting into the wound.

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to do it. . . . But in amputation it seems to me to be very

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The two kidneys ** were simply bags of ludniferous pus, very little

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treated. If the results gained with it have not as yet been