natural or disturbed, will supply its quota of information.

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intestine, others that it is the cause of a special form of dysentery.

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macerated appearance it now displays, as it lay bathed in a thin purulent

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sary that one or the other should experience, with a . third party, sexual

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I 962. Schwarz, Henry P., Philadelphia General Hospital (4)

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from Japan indicate that the intravenous injection of 60 c.c. of

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This fort, which is situated upon the spot formerly occupied by Can-

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jomts it is of the highest importance to proctu^ if possible

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the operation to obtain as exact a location as possible of the intra-

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cessary in these cases, let it be done at once during the first twenty-four hours.

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severe. I made frequent inquiries during this time of different physicians,

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object has been to convey such an idea of their general character, as well

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thirty-five years of age, previously healthy and able-

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put the patient upon the requisite medication for the attain-

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Dionin is a morphin derivative; chemically, it is the hydro-

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whiffs, and long before he was antesthetised he began to repeat

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it is less valuable. It may be regarded as a general hypnotic except

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touch, then the case will prove fatal. This is also the

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long-term use of marijuana has been implicated as a pos-

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Set the furniture in the hot sun to heat in the aquafortis, if

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By contact with the secretions of wounds it is thought to be decomposed

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cavities, brain or pulmonary substance, dryness of skin, derangement of

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ourselves testify to the value of those works, and more especially

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subdue a horse that is very wild, or has a vicious disposition, take

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that even after a careful examination, presented ap-

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oral and general movements (see F. nodurna, p. 1068).

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nothing can be removed by the butcher which he thinks

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weaken the heart will alfo weaken abforbent veffels,

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