Concerning the further progress of the disease we are not particularly in-
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against when I tell you that on the day the Meriden Sanatorium
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assured me that her home had been a pefect pandemonium ; first,
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sage are useful in correcting and restoring the para-
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No. 1. — 53. Stewart, T. Grainger. " On a new form of Pseudoparaplegia," lancet,
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Board of Trustees was appointed by the Governor, eight in
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and essence of meats in ail their endless varieties, some of
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upon the subject. This is the great embarrassment in
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Infrequent ; in a mountain valley, at 8,000 ft.; Cummins, Jul]
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tied. Dr. Mack had found J^ to 4^ of a grain of atropine very
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the discharge decline till the stomach returns to a quiescent
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whole, Professor Graves' contribution to the literature of gynecology
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A new salt, first prepared and introduced by us. The indication for its use is distinct and positive ; a sense
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is therefore formed, as we shall see later, when ether is made from
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female, and the average length is from six to eight inches.
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saliva being the only change which it undergoes in the mouth. In man
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suspected to be abnormal. The idea of these bedside tests originated with
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absent. So positive an assertion could not escape attention.
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as the sudden and unexpected death of an infant in whom
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fatigue (4.5%, compared with 2.8% placebo); nausea (2.9%, compared with 1 .9% placebo); abdominal pain ( 1 .6%,
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Tkeatment. — Every means should be employed to arrest the
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gan, for the year 1852 — '53 ; do. of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and
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of Dr. CuRRiE. When called to a patient very wild, with great
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— A London druggist has hit the popular taste for
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signs. Thus combined, the aspect of the case must necessarily be
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collateral terms, since phthisis commences with a great and rapid
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tions, judicious exercise, nutritious food and proper care.
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part occupied by the students, is thoroughly scrubbed and disin-
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the subpectoral gland indicates that generalised secondary infection
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are packed around on each side as far as the mesentery. The
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cms. The pulse-rate fell from 140 to 76. The cardiac condition did
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eases of Children," W. H. Becher; ''A Plea for the Family Physician,"
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lU'iHin^ from the liihi* und involving the inteHtineM and m(*N(*nt<*ry. Tin*
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similar tubercles in the neighbourhood, tlius forming a large non-vascular
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horses usually contract, such as swerving, rushing,
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