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work is effected in the readjustment of life. This question has been
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tissues and blood, they are in no way in agreement as to the exact
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physical structure, and how far they are due to the poverty, uncleanli-
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the second admission. The patient had taken 8 c.c. of tincture of digitalis over
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toes; bread and often pie or cake; one glass buttermilk.
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The affected part should, as far as possible, be afforded complete
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recurrence, the latter amounting to 55.9 per cent, of the sum. In the
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observations of Pokitansky, Lobstein, and Huchard with my own,
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to which we would call particular attention, since it is our conviction
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third year is definitely recorded. Of these, sixteen suffered a recur-
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cell count. The only physical sign which was changed in these cases
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object is to arrest the flow of blood so that coagulation may take
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lesions of other valves in the left side of the heart, the symptomatol-
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dilatation of the left auricle and hypertrophy of the right ventri-
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it may compress the inferior vena cava, causing oedema of the feet
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As in the majority of cases mitral stenosis is produced by endo-
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apex stroke is strong it stands in striking contrast with the relative
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For the 814 pellagrins who survived the initial attack in a year
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dyspepsia may make pressure upon the heart to such a degree as to
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in this than in the tropical variety, and is not so frequently limited to
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Gordon, Alfred: Sensory disturbances of cerebral origin. Considerations of
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firmed by necropsy in three. A phenolsulphonephthalein test was made
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the intima. The dilatations contain an abundant quantity of con-
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what might be considered to be the therapeutic effect we are seeking?
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an interval of six or eight minutes in each instance there was added the amount of oxalate
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M.D., F.R.S., Regius Professor of Medicine in Oxford University. England ;
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other affections of the same valves or of other valves. The final
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this must be considered as evidence of a communication between
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by this treatment, but there are certain risks, and the injection of
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the veins become pervious they remain susceptible to recurrences of
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pellagra in April, 1911, with recurrence in April, 1912. The latter attack was
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great, we can conceive that enough tissue juice is not available to
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again at the end of twenty-four hours, during which the samples were
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tions on the effect of diuretic drugs in patients with chronic nephritis.
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